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I Look Sickly

But I really like this photo
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I would give anything to not have to do tomorrow. If I could just stay in bed forever I would. I really hate my work. I mean it goes beyond just saying you dislike where you work. My work makes me feel ill. I've been really quiet about my days lately. It's just awful. I go in & no one talks to me... almost every day. Supposedly I'm 'department lead' but my manager won't talk to me instead she has David doing all of her lead work & he won't talk to me either. It's very secretive. I want to vomit everywhere while I'm there. I wanted to walk out several times today... it made me so ill. I don't know what I'm doing in life any more... I have no real goals it feels like... My self esteem isn't too high right now as far as being social. Every day I go into work realizing that half of the store hates me because of what two people keep saying behind my back. It's really not right. For over a year now this job has been by far the worse jobs I have ever had & it has nothing to do w/ the job its self but everything to do w/ the people associated w/ the job. I'm exhausted by all of this. It's made me very sensitive & more anti-social. All I ever want to do right now is hide out w/ Jeff & my brother. Jeff is the only person I know who will be nice to me. Sometimes I think of just giving up & moving out to Moorpark to be w/ him because I don't want stuff here... But Moorpark is kind not where I want to be either. Honestly I need to figure something else out ASAP.

I went to school tonight & printed more pictures. School is almost over. Thats sad. I saw Vicki after school for a little bit. She made me a coffee milk shake. She met a guy who comes to her work at night a lot w/ his girlfriend that works over night at my work & he knows who I am. After some thought I remembered him... we've never talked... he just started actually but he has a mohawk & he's one of the few people who doesn't look at me w/ hate... I swear it's very true. He looked nice...
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I'm sorry about your stupid work people. Is the reason you don't leave because of your finances or is it just a really good position, because even if it's a good job it's not worth making your life a misery.

I'm glad you've got Jeff because I know he loves you dearly and he'll look out for you. BTW that's a pretty photo, you look nice.

Well I have medical insurance w/ the company & it would be hard to find insurance right away. That's the only reason I'm staying sadly. But I'm going to be looking into other options soon. Like going back to school full time & possibly getting insurance through my school. It's all crappy. I hate being an adult sometimes more then I hated being a kid. lol
did you ever think of transferring to a store up near jeff.. and trying that out?
i would totally want to help you out if i were in a position to do so.
and im here for anything you need, just call

oh.. the guy at your work... did he happen to come from glendora? lots of tattoos? cause i seen a guy similar to that and i heard he got fired unfairly and ended up at industry.
just curious.
I'm going to take your advise & talk to John. I guess Martha has requested Johns number we're assuming to talk to him on Ron's behalf. It's just really gotten out of control. Anyway yes it's really funny because you are like the second person to ask me about him. My friend Vicki works at the Irwindale Denny's & he was in there & mentioned working in Industry so she said that I worked there & he knew who I was w/ out having to be described to him... I haven't gotten a chance to introduce myself but he seems really nice. He's the only stocker that doesn't look at me w/ hate. (I swear they are all friends w/ Ron... well most of them)
so guess where i am sotra kinda filling in as a manager for a few days... ghetto paramount.
fun! i just hope that john remembers where i requested to go, other than industry