Dawn (anemicfairy) wrote,

I'm An Adult I Can Do What I Want

Here is my example of a typical journal entry: 'I'm an adult; I want to die; beep beep boop boop'
It was funny to my brother at least. When ever I do something weird or I don't want to do something my excuse to Chad is 'I'm an adult' like 'Yes I can light fires to things I'm an adult' 'I can hate for no reason I'm an adult' We know this is in reference to my father's aunt Yoda... (Her name really wasn't Yoda it was Leoda I think) yes but one time when my brother was small he told her she shouldn't smoke & she said 'I'm an adult so it's ok. Adults can do anything' & it made it sound like adults were invincible to everything... even cancer. Well several years later & Aunt Yoda has, I'm pretty sure, died from lung cancer we know that adults can't really do everything. It's funny because Jeff's nephew has started saying things like that about smoking... how his mommy says that smoking is bad. I told Jeff he should just tell him that his mommy is a jew & she killed God... actually I'm just joking. (Jeff don't kill me for writing that.)

Anyway work is still crap. It took me two nights of working practically over night taking apart the machines & cleaning the lab to get it back up to Cyndie's standards & even then I know she would have said it was messy. But the lab looked excellent & the all the pumps on the processor are pumping correctly now & the it's back in tolerance & it makes me feel good. & Our district manager came & everything that I had done we scored 100 on. The stuff that we didn't do so well in... mainly the paper work I guess he's giving Ana until Friday which is really decent of him to do. I'm off on Friday & I'm opening Weds & Thurs so if the lab does not look as good on Friday I would hope that John would realize something. His last visit I was off too & it was not a good one. One of our DPC machines was not responding to anything... like it was on just not touch sensitive. I looked over it & re-plugged everything I thought... so anyway I called Ana & told her. That was last week... I was off a couple of days after that. John looked at it when he came in & I guess a mouse wasn't plugged in. I asked him what wasn't plugged in & he wanted to know why I didn't call a tech to fix it & why it was left for a week. Ok first of all my job is to notify my manager which I did. I do not feel like I have the authority to make decisions about calling for help w/ out my manager's permission. Of course Ana was right there so I could not say it like that... I'd feel too bad about it. But in all honesty he should be happy that we didn't call a tech that gets paid for $20 an hour just to come in & plug in a plug. It's a frustrating position to be in because believe me if I were manager I would be running things a lot differently & I know exactly what should be done... but I am not manager so I should not have to take up slack for my manager's decisions or lack of decisions. The sad thing is I could easily take over & step up & even talk to Ana as if I had more authority & I think she would almost let me like she lets David but I can't do it. I'm trying to be as respectful as possible.
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