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Work Sucks & I MEAN It!

Oh man I am tired & my head hurts. I spent all day pretty much alone ... again... in the lab. We are down to five people now & still no manager. Oh & the manager who is at my old store is taking over & he took all my options away. I can't even order supplies for the lab. He also told me I had no business in the back getting our reports & writing down sales because I was not manager. I wanted to just say 'No shit'. Because of the whole thing w/ Anna they think I have this huge power issue. Not even true at all. Then David is running around doing whatever he wants to do... as far as the merchandise & the cameras. The whole department is pretty much destroyed... & I have no options. So I refuse to do anything at all anymore... I also called Kurt again & begged him to transfer me. He's going to have an opening in a few weeks & will call me. I hope it works out. I told my store manager today that I was either transferring to Covina or putting in my two weeks. Go me... Anyway Vivian called me today & I told her that Hugo hated me... She said all she ever does is talk good about me & tells him how she knows I'm the only one working over there because that's how I was in Duarte... I mean pretty much I held the Dept together. When I told her about my options she was shocked & said 'Well he wants the dept to fall apart... let him' & I agree. It's just the most frustrating place to be in though I can't explain it. This is worse then when Cyndie left Duarte... this store is the worse place I have ever worked at before. There's a meeting tonight that I really really don't want to go too... I have a feeling that basically it's going to be Dawn bashing time. It makes me feel ill. At least I didn't have to work w/ David today though. I have to say that's the one positive thing about it.
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