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Anger Management

There's 199 sex offenders registered in El Monte. 199! That's a lot. Also two registered sex offenders live right across the street from me in the same apartment complex next to 7'11. That's disturbing... especially w/ all the children that live there. I don't feel as safe as I did. Ok granted I am not a minor anymore. If I had children they would never be aloud out of the house unsupervised!

Anyway today it was like 95 degrees inside of my work. Three members of management had to come to the lab to take care of a Ron situation... He fucked up the machine... & I put in my two weeks notice. I swear I could train a chimpanzee to use the printer... & I'd probably enjoy it's company over Ron's too. On the plus at least management got to see Ron first hand. But it left me mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad... plus I have this Vicki thing bothering me & I wanted to see Jeff's dad & he was on the phone w/ me while the machine was flipping out & Ron was trying to convince a customer it was my fault & I was standing there sweating bucketfuls sense it was 95 & UGH!! It was really raining down on me at that moment. But you know what... this is one positive thing. I've really been eating better & exercising & my heart doesn't hurt at all... I take my medicine on time... So when Armageddon hit today I was not very happy but I was also not afraid of a heart attack & my heart did not hurt me.

I have anger problems. I have so much hate & anger pent up inside me I could power a whole City.

Finally got a hold of Melanie yesterday on her birthday after trying to get her number for two weeks. I'm going to see her tomorrow. She's doing a lot better then when she lived w/ me. Plus no more Edgar. It's like getting old Melanie back... before she started acting less intelligent.

Have I ever admitted to not being a good friend? Well it's true. I don't consider myself to be one.
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