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Why Am I Still Up?

This is my new job & I'm excited about it. http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/el_capitan/soda_fountain/main.html
Jeff & I went to check it out today & then we hung out in Hollywood for awhile. He almost bought a violin for $76 but would not buy me Deep Throat or Debbie Does Dallas on DVD for $40. Do you know how hard those movies are to find? Sense it's really close to my new job, I'm going back to get them. They are still building the store actually. & I didn't realize that the El Capitan was right next to where they film Jimmy Kimble. I am just so so excited about working in Hollywood. The El Capitan is right across the street from The Chinese Man Theater, that big mall w/ the Kodak Theater in it as well, & the Knitting Factory. Also the thousand sex shops & shops of clothing geared for strippers, porn stars, & street walkers along Hollywood Blvd... Oh yeah Club Bang is right around there too. At the new job I'm pretty sure they want me to work in the retail part of the store which is cool because then I will be selling Disney movies all day. I know Disney movies ultimately make me sick... At least some of the more recent Disney movies... But I can't deny knowing almost every single song ever put into a Disney movie & that goes for Disney movies I haven't even seen. My sister is the same way. Also we can both site Little Mermaid from the songs to the actual script from the beginning until the end. I think this job is going to be really fun. & I'm going to get the chance to actually work w/ normal people & I can actually be nice to people again! & It does not seem to be a problem that I'm in school at all which is also really cool. I am just so grateful for this opportunity. I really just need to be around nice people that I can relax around & have fun... & GO TO SCHOOL!! I need to finish school so I can get on w/ my life & not have to worry about working in retail any longer. Oh you know what? They were filming the Damn Show today along Hollywood. If you haven't seen it... it's really disgusting & there's this clown that is absolutely revolting. Jeff took some pictures while they were filming of the clown. I've had a wonderful week off & tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut by Kelly & it's going to be different. Different is good. It's time for a change. I was letting my old job get me down too much. I never wanted it to affect me so much but everyday I was just so drained physically & mentally... it was depressing.

This is totally off the subject but I have this sore in my mouth & I'm pretty sure it's cancerous. I've been reading incidentally & not purposely being exposed to information about gum & mouth cancer & now I'm pretty convinced that I have gum cancer & that half of my jaw is going to have to be removed. But of course I have no dental insurance to really find out. So I've started rubbing salted lemon on it & gargling w/ salted lemon warm water & I'm hoping it just goes away. Lemon is very good for healing cuts & wounds because of the massive doses of vitamin C... I think one lemon has about 40% more then an orange. Also lemon was used to treat scurvy back in the day... Also... one more thing... lemons help prevent cancer. So maybe it'll be doubly affective for me. Sore healer/ Cancer deterrent.
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