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n : abnormally dark tarry feces containing blood (usually from gastrointestinal bleeding) [syn: melena]

That's unrelated to this... Tonight I'm going w/ a friend I met in my class to sneak onto the freeway to take pictures using a big camera of construction? Or something like that. All I know is I have to be on the look out for police. I like this. It's exciting. Thurs is my birthday & Friday there's a big party w/ my work... a costume party which I am excited about. I am also very very poor right now. Very poor. Developed a roll of film of Chad's band today at school. The Dead Eye Cells took Judges Choice (which is like first place) in a battle of the bands last Saturday. I am so proud of him. His other band Umbrella got best song writing which was all Corey's songs... really cool. But my little brother is so talented. They all won $200 to Guitar Center not to mention a lot of people offering shows to them... I'm the official band photographer... appointed by myself. But he did promise that I could do his first video... you know if when it comes to that.
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what's your brothers band's name and what kind of music do they play???
happy early birthday!!! yay!!!
At first, when I saw that word (melaena) I thought it was a person's name. I bet somewhere, someone has named their child Melaena, thinking it sounded cool and was "original", not knowing what it means. tee hee hee
mmm, i love to eat muffins made with melaena
*licks fingers*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn you're old.I'm still 23. HA!
oh good golly....